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SyncStuff 2.00 - Estimated release June 2020

  • Complete rewrite, new version.
  • Works with inotifywait.

SyncStuff 1.03 - Estimated release April 2020

  • Possibility to search for files by name.
  • Fixed long waiting time for folders with a large number of files.
This version has been cancelled because I'm now working on 2.00.

Syncbox 1.02 - March 2020

New features and bug fixes:
  • Cancel button of config screen no longer saves data.
  • Possibility to download files from the web interface.
  • Technical: build number (version) in assembly.
  • Syncbox can be started from another directory than the directory where the executable is in. This allows for easy creation of starters in the main menu of your desktop.
  • Addition of a mobile app to work with files on the go.
  • An option to see differences between client and server before you do a sync.
  • Do a dry run of a sync first to get a better progress indication for the real run.
  • Show a list of all files and foldes that were synced after a sync has been completed.
This version can be downloaded. Have fun!

Syncbox 1.00 - February 2020

Version 1 of Syncbox is a complete rewrite of Syncbox in C#. Also new features in this version are:

  • A new button Last result shows a list of all files and directories that were newly created during the last sync.
    Technical: The flag -i has been added to the rsync commands sent to the server.
  • The configuration file with all settings is now stored in ~/.config/syncbox/syncbox.config.
    Technical: this is not the standard location of a C# .NET/mono app because .NET uses app.config files stored in a different place. But .config is a place where a Linux user would look. In C# the class Inifile takes care of reading/writing the configuration file.
  • Bug fix: folders with parenthesis in its name are now correctly shown.

Syncbox 0.9 and Syncbox 0.91 - February 2020

These are the last Syncbox releases written in Python. I decided to rewrite everyting in C#.

It was too much hassle to create installable versions of a Python app like this. Because of this I'm no longer a fan of Python anymore :-(

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