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SyncStuff: personal cloud

With SyncStuff you save your files in your own cloud. You can synchronize files between different devices.

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Your files on the go

SyncStuff offers both a desktop app and a mobile app.

The mobile app...

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How does that work?

SyncStuff: personal cloud

Synchronize your stuff (documents, photos, any other file) using a comfortable desktop app that runs in your browser.

SyncStuff is open source and meant for users that need access to files on the go or that want an easy way to backup stuff on their own server.

It works similar to services like Dropbox or OneDrive with the difference that you control everything: the app(s)and the server are all self-hosted. You as a user control what and when things get synchronized. You can synchronize all files from and to the server, from and to multiple clients.

Setup is easy: the server requires no special hardware. And the SyncStuff software is only needed on the clients.


These are the most important functionalities of the SyncStuff client: The client connects to the server using only SSH. No server software is required. The client runs local on your desktop and shows its UI in your browser.

Your files on the go

A seperate mobile app modeled as a mobile website can be used as an app for you to connect to your server while on the go. This mobile website is to be hosted by yourself somewhere. With the mobile app you can browse through all the files on the server (no storage on your phone is used) and also do: The mobile app is a self-hosted website that runs under ASP.NET.


Syncbox is written in C# and runs under mono. Syncbox is Free and Open Source Software released under the GNU General Public License v3 or later.

My SyncStuff server
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